What I Do

I help women who struggle with stress, anxiety, overwhelm .. #mumlife, to achieve deep relaxation, alignment, clarity & connection by creating an environment of calm, tranquility & zen. A place for women to come to be heard, nurtured & experience a treatment that delivers deep relaxation .. bringing her back into balance & alignment.

My Philosophy

Do you remember when you had big girls nights out .. you know when you were single, child free & didn’t get hangovers .. & do you remember how you never “left a girl behind” ..

Well, this is still my belief, my guiding principle .. no woman should be left behind .. ever.

If you need support with any emotional, energetic or mental health & wellbeing .. I am here for YOU .. please don’t feel you need bottle it all up ..

Isn’t it funny how you miss those big nights out .. but not really?

My Methods

Every treatment is personally customised to meet the needs of your mind, body & spirit.

When you arrive, you will be met with a warm balancing foot soak & loose leaf tea. This is where we take time to connect & discuss your consultation form & highlight any specific areas of concern.

Aromatherapy oils are applied & worked into the meridian lines & visceral contact points on your back, neck, head & feet .. the level of deep relaxation is like nothing you have experienced before!

An aromatherapy hand treatment & / or vision card reading can also be included to add to your emotional & energetic healing journey.

My Goals

Honestly .. my goals are all for you!

If you came to me feeling; stressed, anxious, overwhelmed, angry, frustrated, lonely, depressed, sad ..

And you left feeling; connected, energetically ‘light’, emotionally supported, physically well & able to take on the world ..

Well, this is my mission accomplished, my goal for you!

I look forward to connecting with you.

Al x

Supercharge your productivity using your menstrual cycle!

You read that right .. you can & will be able to use your cycle to easily & effectively supercharge your productivity!

- Al x

Check your inbox to start using your menstrual cycle to supercharge your productivity!

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