Ok .. so you have found my freebies page! Fabulous!

Below are just a few powerful PDF documents you can download right now!

Tools to help you utilise what you already have, to help you manage your stress, overwhelm & fatigue, & finally tools to help you get real clear to manifest & create change .. to bring into reality the lifestyle you want!


Use the phases in your menstrual cycle to supercharge your productivity!

This is a surprising & incredibly powerful tool to supercharge your productivity as a woman! Your secret weapon to using the phases of your menstrual cycle & maximise the strengths of each of those phases. (insert mic drop)!

Back in Balance : a tick list

The comprehensive, actionable & empowering tick list to help start to get back in control .. gain some balance back into your personal life, your home life & your work life. Al x

The Power Of You : a tick list

Here is you own personal tick list for when you are ready, opening up, getting clear & desiring to manifest & create change to action the life you want! Al x

Supercharge your productivity using your menstrual cycle!

You read that right .. you can & will be able to use your cycle to easily & effectively supercharge your productivity!

- Al x

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