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A bit about me .. ok .. lets see, I’m 42 years old & have experienced all the highs, the lows & the deep deep lows during that time ..

I am a self confessed chocoholic & I lurrrvvv a glass or two (or 4) of really good red wine.

My passions are all about empowering women, creating connection, loving all over the earth & its power & learning every day how to improve in all areas of my life.

That 42 years I mentioned above, well while it was no easy ride .. it taught me so much about me, life, relationships, trust, heartbreak, dishonesty, resilience, love, healing, empowerment, pain, nurturing, self respect, boundaries, depression & anxiety, mental & emotional wellbeing (it is THE most important learning I have done) & finally asking for help, letting down the walls & letting people in.

All of this learning, this growth & development is how I can support you, encourage you, help you to first relax, then grow & evolve into the empowered, in control & confident woman you want to be!

I do this by creating a real connection with you first & foremost, using aromatherapy to anchor into your emotions, your thoughts, your worries .. your mood. The services I offer support your energetic, mental & emotional health & wellbeing (take a look at the reviews on this websites home page & more on my facebook page).

Allowing ourselves to fully & completely relax is the very fist step for our bodies to be able to come into alignment, to function & grow & heal. From this point you become more aware, awakened & in-tune with what your personal desires are, what you want to achieve for your work life, home life & overall lifestyle.


The reason I do what I do .. I want women, like you to feel connected, to know that you have someone to help & support you on an emotional, energetic & mental level .. I am here for you & I know that I can help you.

Let’s connect!

Al x

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- Al x

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