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A holistic aromatherapy service & community for women.

Hello! Welcome!

This website along with my treatment room is YOUR safe, empowering, holistic home of mind, body, spirit connection & healing.

I offer you a holistic approach to creating a state of deep relaxation. My treatments create a safe space for true connection & healing of the mind, body & spirit to truly begin. I am extremely passionate about connecting with you to help you along your own journey of self-healing, self-love & ownership of your unique feminine energy.

I invite you to connect with me, to enable a state of deep relaxation for YOU, to feel a natural balance in your mind & body & to experience a holistically ‘healing’ treatment.

Al x

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“We may not have it all together, but together we have it all.”

Let’s Work Together

For you… the woman

Personalise aromatherapy treatments for your mind, body & spirit. 

The range of treatments available are like no other relaxation experience!

Be prepared to have the needs of your mind, body & spirit met… to be fully nourished, relaxed, grounded * rejuvenated!

Treatments available for your body, head, feet & hands. 

Allow yourself to relax, balance & heal!

For you… the connected woman

Monthly master classes on a wide range of interests. 

On the first Saturday of each month as master class will be held with other like minded women who enjoy community, connection, fun & a break from homelife. 

Classes with range from crystal wrapping, DIY perfume making, macrame, high tea, chakras & cleansing, I Am Fabulous & vision boarding. 

I’m passionate about empowering & promoting other entrepreneurial women. If you have a business that you would love to share with our community please reach out… I would love to promote your business!

For you… the empowered woman

Vision Board Masterclass (group or one on one)

Studies have shown creating & having your own Vision Board can improve motivation, coordination & concentration, while reducing fear & anxiety. 

What is a Vision Board? A Vision Board is a collage of images that uses the law of attraction to draw more of what you want, your desires & aspirations, into your life. 

It helps to really clarify, concentrate & maintain focus on a specific / or several personal & life goals. They re also find to create & can truly service you an as invaluable tool to motivate & inspire you towards focussed daily action in pursuit of your biggest & most important life goals. 

Join me in visualising & manifesting your future!

How Women Are Feeling

“Had a treatment today with Alice & have to say I have been very gently blown out of the water! Nothing like it!

This is most relaxed I have felt for probably 2 years .. & 4 hours after the treatment it is still with me. It is a total package and I could not recommend it highly enough! Thanks Alice xoxo”

Lisa Mosterd

“The treatment with Alice was amazing! As a new mum I was in definite need of some relaxation, & the lovely atmosphere, beautiful aromas of the oils, & gentle massage that Alice provided, enabled me to do exactly that.

I would highly recommend InSync with Alice Gratton to anyone, especially those needing to relax, unwind and relieve tension. Thanks so much Alice! “

Kathryn Kernaghan

“I had my first (of many) treatments with Alice this week & I have to say that I did not expect to feel as amazing as I did when I left the treatment room. And not only that day, in the days following.

I have been so much more calm with the kids & relaxed within myself. Even the anxiety has dwindled. Thankyou so much superstar!! Love your work.”

Meredith Dunell

Supercharge your productivity using your menstrual cycle!

You read that right .. you can & will be able to use your cycle to easily & effectively supercharge your productivity!

- Al x

Check your inbox to start using your menstrual cycle to supercharge your productivity!

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